The Value of Background Checks

Who do you trust?

One of the greatest resources to help us live our daily lives and realize our dreams is having people around us who we can trust: friends, families, neighbors.

We grow to trust people by getting to know about them. When we first meet someone, the conversation takes a familiar path: What's your name? What do you do? Where do you live? What do you like? Slowly, we make a judgment about whether or not this is someone we want to be around, to count as a friend.

Why does it matter?

For a company, the question of who you trust is just as important, yet it often has to be made far more quickly. Trusting an employee means giving them access to the lifeblood of a business:

  • The goods it sells
  • The equipment it uses to produce
  • The cash that flows through it
  • The proprietary ideas and resources that make it unique and valuable
  • The reputation on which it rises or falls

A good employee contributes to productivity, safety in the workplace, positive attitude among the workforce, solid relations with customers and partners, and security of intellectual property, inventory, and cash.

What is the danger?

A bad employee can undermine every single one of those. A bad employee can even topple a company over the brink of disaster. The US Chamber of Commerce and the American Management Association have provided us with a startling statistic:

30% of all business failures are caused by employee theft!

Every day, headlines alert us to another danger: violence in the workplace. In a single month, the Workplace Violence Research Institute reported, an estimated 16,400 threats were made, 723 workers were attacked and 43,800 were harassed every work day. The average award in a workplace violence lawsuit is over $1 million, costing employers $36 billion each year.

Even if you weed out a bad employee before they do irreparable damage, they have cost you: Recruiting Times estimates that the cost to replace employees is:

  • $7,000 to replace a salaried employee
  • $10,000 to replace a mid-level employee
  • $40,000 to replace a senior executive

What can you do?

The answer is to take every precaution to ensure that all new hires are exactly who they represent themselves as. And your first line of defense is a comprehensive, professionally designed background check.

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My name is Mark A. Raimo and I am the owner of INTEGRA CHK LLC. I have retired from a twenty-five year career in Law Enforcement and have always been interested in owning my own business. I am a licensed Private Detective in the State of Connecticut so a background screening company seemed like a natural fit for me.

As I was developing my own business, I was fortunate to come across a leader in the background screening industry. After learning of their standing and INTEGRITY in the industry, I partnered with them. I have a great interest in a lot of fields such as real estate, aviation, personal protection and the medical field as I have been an EMS-I, EMT and a member of the National Ski Patrol for many years.

The last five years of my career I was the commanding officer of the Detective Division and this opportunity allowed me to come in contact with many industries which needed investigations that were reactive in nature.

During that time, the importance of taking proactive action became very clear. I believe my understanding and first hand experiences give INTEGRA CHK LLC the advantage in assisting you in protecting your place of employment and assets.

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